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Massage & Bodywork 
with Rachel Jackson L.M.T. & C.Y.I.

Customized Massage (60min - $80/90min - $120) ~This treatment gives you the freedom to create the perfect experience, specific to the styles of massage you respond to best. I have trained in over 10 different modalities of massage and bodywork and can incorporate any of these tools depending on what you might need and/or want out of your healing experience. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Reflexology, CranioSacral, Myofacial, Tui Na, Prenatal, or you can simply tell me how you relax best, and leave it in my hands to follow intuition and observe physically what your body might need to achieve your goals.

Traditional Thai Massage (2hrs required - $160) ~ This treatment is deeply relaxing and rejuvenating! It is done fully clothed on a floor mat. This ancient form of body therapy incorporates elements of gentle rocking, rhythmic compressions, deep stretching, massage and aromatherapy. All systems of the body feel the benefits of this treatment!

Shiatsu (2hrs - $160 suggested but not required) ~ This session is traditionally done on a floor mat, fully clothed. It consists of rhythmic compressions with palms and fingers along the meridians of the entire body to enhance the flow of energy throughout. This session can be modified to your unique needs on the table as well. On the table you have the option of receiving an oil based shiatsu session which will incorporate elements of Swedish   massage along with the rhythmic compressions of shiatsu.

Reflexology (1 hr - $80) ~ This session is all about getting to the root of the problem through the feet.  Essential oils are applied to enhance the effects of the reflexology, while specific techniques are used to stimulate and energize the different systems of the body, calling forth the body’s natural ability to heal and reorganize towards balance and health.  

Therapeutic Hot Stones (90min - $135) ~Breathe in essential oils chosen specifically for you. Receive hands on massage techniques that are customized to your needs. Hot stones are then incorporated to warm and soften the tissues, as well as ground the energy, and guide the essential oils deeper into the tissues. Hot towels are applied to back, neck and feet. Cucumbers are placed on the eyes to cool and calm the mind, while enhancing skin tone around the eyes for a fresh face! This treatment is luxurious and nourishing to the soul, as well as deeply therapeutic and healing to the body.

Auricular Therapy (15-20min - $55) ~ This is an add-on option to enhance any of the other treatments offered. This therapy is done sitting up before any other treatment. Five to seven essential oils are chosen specifically for you  based on your needs therapeutically. The oils are then layered specifically as they are poured behind the ear and are allowed to roll down the neck, shoulder and chest area. The oils are gently massaged into the neck and shoulders as well as around the ear and into the scalp. This treatment is all about the high quality medicinal grade essential oils. These oils are absorbed into the skin behind the ears along the reflexes for the spine as well as along the major lymph nodes and the carotid artery. This treatment can be used to work with issues such as headaches, congestion, allergies, sinus problems, the general cold/flu, TMJ, deep seated neck/shoulder tension and much more! This therapy goes well with a reflexology session or you might consider a full aromatherapy consult for a deeper experience!

Aromatherapy Consultation (90min - $160) ~ In this session we will discuss where you want to focus your healing and talk about how you are effected on the physical mental and emotional body, all the while using high quality medicinal food grade essential oils (from Wisdom of the Earth) to guide us as we talk. This session can be used to address issues such as cancer, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, Lyme disease, digestive issues or diseases, parasites, emotional blockages etc. There are over 200 pure single essences to work with. I will make recommendations for essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively as part of your aromatherapy self care regimen for healing and wellness. There will be time reserved for application of essential oils and this will vary depending on the individual and what has come up in the session. It might be Auricular therapy, a spinal application with hot towels or foot application with reflexology and hot towel wraps. It will all depend on what comes up and what oils are needed in that moment. 

Buy a Wellness package and save on multiple sessions! For more information go to our page: Wellness Packages.
To make an appointment for massage or bodywork, please call Rachel at:
(401) 743-3688

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