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5 Hour Package - $360 (10% off with savings of $40)

10 Hour Package - $680 (15% off with savings of $120)

For clients who want to create a program for increased health and wellness, you can customize either of these packages to meet your unique goals and needs. These packages can include private yoga sessions, private yogic lifestyle coaching, guidance in the shatkarmas (yogic cleanses), massage and bodywork, as well as aromatherapy consultations and/or treatments. Use the hours however you want and ask for suggestions for nutrition, a home yoga practice and wellness regimen if you would like to accelerate your progress

Mini Reflexology Package ~ (2 for $120) These are two individual sessions, 60 minutes each, working primarily with the feet as described on the Massage/Bodywork Services page. I always recommend this package because often within the first session of reflexology we are working with releasing tension and exhaustion from the body, and it is in the second session we feel bigger shifts within the systems of the body. This package can hopefully make regular reflexology treatments more accessible to you!

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